Prin. 19. Florida.

USF Freshman.

Queer. Please use they/them/their pronouns and avoid "pretty" and "girl."

Photography. Hair. Animals. Reptiles. Activism. Feminism.

I will never judge you.

INSTAGRAM: @wishiwasinwonderland


dedicating a good portion of my next paycheck to travel expenses and art supplies because they’re the two things my soul has been painfully deprived of for the last two years

I always feel so inspired but lack the motivation or self-confidence to do the things that I want to. All of these ideas and no way to express them because I’m too afraid of fucking up.

It’s the biggest thing I want to change about myself and I’m finally doing it and it feels so good.

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Dear Lemon Lima (2009)  (via bodv)

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I tried to reach for the sky, but all I got were storm clouds under my fingernails.
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